Weddings in Romantic Scotland

Dreaming of tying the knot in Scotland?

If you dream of a fabulous romantic Wedding Day, in the midst of the history and traditions of Scottish lochs and glens, Best of Scotland Holidays can assist you with all the plans for your big day, from finding the ideal romantic location, booking the photographer, hiring kilts, to booking appointments for hair and beauty pampering.

We can also assist you with a ceremony to renew your vows, be it on a special anniversary or just because! This can be either religious in nature, performed by a local minister, or planned without mention of religion and performed by a local celebrant or the Humanist Society. We can even assist you with your own personalised ceremony and vows.

You can choose to have a religious, belief or a civil marriage ceremony for your wedding in Scotland. Due to Scottish Law, it is possible to exchange your vows practically anywhere you want – with agreement from the venue and celebrant. Read about the different options below before making your decision, and make sure that you fill in any paperwork in advance.

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    • A non-religious ceremony which can include readings, poetry, music or even your own personal vows to one another.
    • Led by a registrar, a civil ceremony can be held in a registration office, or at any other agreed venue, except somewhere religious.

    Civil Partnership

    • A civil partnership has a legal status similar to marriage and is for two people of the same sex.
    • Civil partnerships are led by a registrar and can include a non-religious ceremony.
    • They can be held at a registration office or at other locations, as agreed by your registrar.
    • You can opt to have a separate religious ceremony or blessing too, which does not have to be led by a registrar or in a specific location.
    • Anyone who has previously had a civil partnership in Scotland can now register to change to a marriage.
    • Find out how to register a civil partnership

    Religious or Belief Weddings

    • A religious or belief wedding ceremony may take place anywhere that the celebrant and venue have agreed to, and vary greatly, depending on traditions.
    • They can be held by anyone who is entitled to do so under the Marriage (Scotland) Act 1977, such as ministers, priests, and Humanist celebrants.
    • You can also be married by a friend or relative who is affiliated to a religious body and has received temporary authorisation from the Registrar General.

    Same-sex Marriages

    • The first Scottish same-sex wedding ceremonies took place on December 31, 2014.
    • A wedding couple of the same sex can have a civil or religious wedding as agreed by the venue and celebrant.
    • Many religious bodies are approved to conduct same-sex marriages, check with the National Records for Scotland for up-to-date information on these.
    • Couples which include a person from another country can get married, as long as the marriage would be regarded as valid in the party’s country of domicile and they have any necessary paperwork.

    Language and Marriage Vows

    • As there are no legally prescribed words which have to be used in marriage vows in Scotland, your ceremony can either be conducted in English, or in any other language. This includes both Gaelic and Scots. All parties, including the celebrant, must be able to understand the language and can use a translator if necessary.

    Marriage Visas

    • All nationals from a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, such as Australia, Canada, New Zealand or the United States, who want to visit Scotland to get married or to register a civil partnership, will need an entry clearance through a Marriage Visa.
    • More information on getting married in Scotland please click here

    Sourcing the ideal venue – from castles to country churches and hotels…

    • Accommodation
    • Kilt and dress hire
    • Pipers and other musicians
    • Civil or religious service
    • The Wedding Breakfast and champagne/drinks packages
    • Flowers
    • Transport – from vintage cars to something more sporty
    • Hair and beauty pampering
    • Wedding cake and favours
    • Photography/videography
    • Your ideal honeymoon in Scotland or throughout the UK and Ireland
    • Any little extras required for your big day!

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