Wales: The Land of Song

Singing and music are so ingrained in Welsh Culture that it is fondly referred to as “The Land of Song”. In fact, choirs are so popular in Wales that they can often be found on the rugby pitch before and after games to provide entertainment and lead hymns.

The Original Music Festival

The Welsh love of song dates back to at least the 12th century when the Eisteddfod began – a festival of music and poetry. During it, bards and minstrels would compete by performing spoken word or song pieces and a winner would be chosen by one of the nobility.

Now it is held in the first week of August every year as a celebration of Welsh language and culture. To make it accessible for everyone, it travels to different cities, alternating between north and south Wales. There are Eisteddfod festivals all throughout the world now, some associated with Welsh culture, some adapted to suit the local culture and highlight their own endangered native languages.

Staying True to their Roots

While other folk music across the UK has modernised (think Celtic rock groups from Ireland, or Bagpipers playing pop covers in Scotland), Welsh music has stayed true to its roots. In fact many of the major musicians that come from Wales happed to be choirs, opera singers, or classical musicians.

The ongoing popularity of the Eisteddfod festivals are credited with the continued survival of a distinct Welsh culture and language and keeping this connection to the original folk music traditions alive.

Anecdotally, many people will tell you it is common for people from Wales to burst out into song or harmonise with others at the drop of a hat. It seems the tradition of song is still alive and well in modern Wales.

Let the Music Transport You:

If you’re hoping to visit Wales someday soon, we don’t blame you! But while the restrictions on travel are in place, we’ve had to get a little creative.

Though you may not be able to hop on a plane just yet, you can let music transport you to Wales, even if only for a few minutes. We’ve curated a playlist of songs sung by Welsh artists, some of them even in the Welsh language!

We can’t wait to help you plan your dream trip to Wales as soon as possible, but in the meantime let the music take you on a journey.

Plan Your Trip:

Learn a bit about Cardiff Castle (and its connections to music!) while you listen and then get in touch about plan your perfect trip to Wales.

As soon as possible, we’ll be ready to welcome you back and show you the sights!

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