Sounds from the Emerald Isle

Ireland has had a far greater impact on the global music scene than such a small land mass has any right to. With the combined power of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, they went from traditional Irish and Celtic music to taking over the global pop and rock music scenes.

Belfast’s Commitment to Music

In the north, Belfast is currently bidding to become the UK’s third City of Music with UNESCO and they have been vastly upping their commitment to culture and music in the city. You can visit areas near the home of Van Morrison and learn about his life and links to the city or catch a gig at Ulster Hall where Led Zepplin debuted Stairway to Heaven for the first time. Belfast is even linked to another great music city, with Nashville having been their sister city for over 20 years.

Festivals and Fun in Dublin

Meanwhile, Dublin isn’t angling for any official accolades, but their city centre is known to be filled with the sounds of live music floating out of pubs on any given weekend. They also host a traditional Irish music festival every January called TradFest to show off the best of Irish folk artists. Some pubs throughout the city are also known to hold regular songwriting nights to encourage new talent in the city.

Take a journey through your speakers!

You might be surprised at some of the bands that have come out of Ireland including U2, Van Morrison, The Script, Hozier, B*Witched and more. There’s no shortage of well-known names in the music industry who have their roots on the emerald isle.

If you’re dreaming of listening to the sounds of Ireland while travelling all throughout the island, we understand! While everyone’s dream trip to Ireland might have to be on hold for the moment, we’ve found a way to transport you there for the time being.

It is said that music can help you experience a new place, so we’ve taken the time to curate a playlist of songs entirely by Irish artists for you. From Celtic music to pop music to rock music, get to know the music of Ireland in our Music Can Transport You: Ireland playlist!

Plan Your Trip:

While you listen, get to know the lingo with our Irish Slang Glossary and then get in touch to plan your ideal trip throughout everything Ireland has to offer.

As soon as possible, we’ll be ready to welcome you back and show you the sights!

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