New Year in Ireland

After the last 18 months of being stuck in lockdown, what better way to welcome a new year with high spirits and positive vibes then in Ireland! Known for their notorious parties and celebrations, the Irish will not let you down this Hogmanay. Ireland hosts an array of events and activities to make the jump into the new year the best it can be. Finish the year with a bang in Ireland!

New Year’s Eve in Dublin

Known for its live music, Irish dancing and Guinness, Dublin should definitely be at the top of your destinations list. Locals and tourists gather together to attend Dublin’s New Year’s Festival. Live music, dancing, street performers, you name it, the New Year’s Festival will not disappoint – it even lasts three whole days! One of the highlights of the festival is the Luminosity Light Show, a 3D light show lighting up the buildings around Dublin and bringing them to life. The infamous Guinness Storehouse also holds a Hogmanay party. It is the perfect place to experience 360-degree views of the city, watching the fireworks light up the sky whilst sipping on some delicious Guinness.  

New Year’s Eve in Cork

Cork puts on a New Year’s Eve celebration you won’t want to miss! Live music on every corner, making your last moments of the year memorable…or not! They put on a huge show for everyone, lighting up the Cork Ferris Wheel where you can get spectacular views of the city and fireworks in the sky. Walk along the colourful streets and see everyone having a jolly with their friends and family.  

New Year’s Eve in Galway

One of the prettiest cities in Ireland, Galway is sometimes forgotten about when it comes to New Year’s Eve celebrations. Have a nice meal in the historic town by the harbour and head to some of the best, Irish pubs and watch some traditional Irish music. Roisin Dubh is a live venue in Galway. It has two stages for music events, comedy shows and drama events to perform. A very popular evening venue for everyone to enjoy. End your night singing and dancing in one of the many pubs or clubs they have to offer.

New Year’s Eve in Belfast

Heading to Belfast this New Year’s Eve? Well, you’ll want to now. Belfast puts on a night to remember, no matter what time of year. They have New Year’s Eve celebrations for everyone. Black tie balls in some of the biggest, fanciest hotels; to parties in the titanic museum; to singing and dancing to live bands in the local Irish bar on the next corner – you name it! The streets light up and people congregate to watch the extraordinary fireworks displays dotted around the city.

Just a short drive away, you’ll find Portrush. A beautiful, lively seaside town that comes alive at night. They put on a selection of different events and parties to cater for everyone. There are a number of wonderful sea view hotels that host parties and balls; Ramore, a group of great restaurants and clubs, puts on events for the younger adults; and people congregate to the beach at the end of the night to watch the sky light up with fireworks. An entertaining place for everyone to enjoy.

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