British Invasion: The Immense Popularity of English Musicians

Some of the earliest music in England would be plainsong Gregorian chants and Church music. Outside of worship, common folk enjoyed other musical pursuits such as sea shanties, children’s game songs, and carols.

While these folk songs influenced the United States, Canada and other former colonies, the most notable era of English musical exports would be during the 1960s and 1990s when British rock made its way abroad.

A Tale of Three Cities

While there are quite a few English cities with big connections to music, the big three are London, Manchester, and Liverpool.

The very first Hard Rock Cafe opened in London near Piccadilly and includes a vast amount of Rock memorabilia all along its walls. Abbey Road, made famous by the Beatles album cover of the same name, is also located in London making a perfect photo op for the musical tourist.

As you can imagine, a huge swath of bands had their beginnings in London, most recognisably David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, and Adele.

Manchester is home to the first British club Madonna made an appearance in and was also the birthplace of bands such as the Bee Gees, Joy Division and Oasis. This city is home to one of the busiest indoor arenas for concert tickets in the world.

Finally, there’s Liverpool. The World Capital City of Pop and the UK’s second UNESCO City of Music (after Glasgow became the first). Here you’ll find a Beatles Story Museum and a ‘British Music Experience’ attraction. There’s also Europe’s biggest free music festival every year – the Liverpool International Music Festival.

Take a Journey through Sounds:

Unfortunately, a trip through England isn’t on the cards quite yet, but we’re excited to see a light at the end of the tunnel. Until we get the official go-ahead to invite you back, we’re come up with a way to transport you to England, if only for a moment.

We’ve created a playlist that encompasses some of England’s best music to transport you here while you listen. You can listen to pop music, rock music, folk music – all of it from English Artists on our England Playlist.

Being the largest of the 4 UK countries, its playlist is also the longest; England has a pretty prolific list of successful bands that originated there.

If you’d like to get a little more local, we have two city-specific playlists as well. Liverpool, the home of the Beatles, and Manchester, the home of Oasis, each get their own playlist as well. Both cities have their own distinct musical history and most of our tours will make a stop in at least one, if not both, of them!

Plan Your Trip!

While you listen, have a look through some of England’s most mystical locations and then get in touch about planning your dream trip to England.

As soon as possible, we’ll be ready to welcome you back and show you the sights!

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