Bonfire (Guy Fawkes) Night in the UK

The History Behind Guy Fawkes

Observed every year in the UK on 5th November, Guy Fawkes night see’s British skies filled with fireworks, lasers, and lights. The event commemorates the failed assassination attempt of King James I by Guy Fawkes and a group of radicalised English Catholics that were responding to frictions between the monarchy and the catholic church. In their attempt they set out to blow up the House of Lords however the plot failed, and all conspirators were later executed. The British people soon after began to celebrate the survival of the king by lighting bonfires and with many communities hosting a fireworks display which became a tradition still carried out today. Although many attendees of today’s celebrations don’t hold its origin too closely to them, it’s now seen as a family friendly event with many highly professional displays sometimes set to music and with additional entertainment.

Top Picks in the UK

Battersea Park Fireworks

One night isn’t enough to fit in the festivities they have planned for Bonfire night so they host a two night affair complete with after party for 18+. The boast a spectacular bonfire with lots of autumn comfort food and drinks on offer. The second night is tailored for families with an early start time with a unique fireworks display.

Alexandra Palace Fireworks Festival

Described as the ‘Glastonbury of Fireworks’, the Alexandra Palace fireworks display is legendary. Including a DJ, massive bonfire, indoor German Bier Halle, and multiple entertainers over panoramic views of London.

Alexandra Palace Fireworks Display

Ealing Cricket Club Fireworks Display

Looking for something a bit more of a community feel? Try Ealing Cricket Club. This year’s extravaganza boasts a ‘Fireworks Go Pop’ theme. The music, laser and pyrotechnics show is run to raise money for cricketing in the local community and includes candy floss, kids attractions and entertainment for the whole family.

Swansea Bay Fireworks

This unique setting is sure to be a spectacular night. The fireworks will be set off from a barge in the sea, lighting up the waters surrounding the bay. With a pre-show including fire shows, glow entertainers and roaming entertainers. Recommended viewing points are from the Prom and the beach.

Swansea Bay Fireworks Display

Hopetoun Fireworks Display & Bonfire Night

Held in Queensferry, Hopetoun House bonfire night often allows a theme to inform their displays. This year they’ve gone with a ‘We Will Rock You’ theme. Alongside a phenomenal fireworks display there will be fairground attractions, food and drink, a bungee jump and lots more family fun.

Hopetoun House Fireworks Display

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