6 Ways to Make Your Vacation More Eco-Friendly

Now, more than ever before, travelers are more willing to pay for sustainable and eco-friendly travel to help reduce their carbon footprint. Traveling more sustainably can be easier than you think, so we’ve listed 6 ways to make your future vacations more eco-friendly.

Consider your mode of transport

Before booking your main mode of travel, consider what options are available to you. For those visiting a destination from overseas, flying may be the only option available, and that is completely fine – it may well be greener to fly directly rather than taking various modes of transport. On the other hand, if you’re traveling nationally with a group of friends and family by car, it would be more sustainable to travel together, minimizing the number of cars in use. Once you have arrived in your destination and if you are planning on traveling around the area, you should also consider what options are available. We have arranged electric powered vehicles for some of our clients who have wished to travel greener. Many tour operators now also offer chauffeured guided tours in electric vehicles.

Stay in eco-friendly accommodation

Considering eco-friendly accommodation is a factor that is often overlooked, but many more travelers are beginning to realize its importance. The best ways to ensure you are staying in eco-friendly accommodation is by checking its eco-credentials. This shows consideration to both the destination and the people who live there. In Scotland we have the Green Tourism Certification, an accreditation that is awarded to businesses with a high standard of green credentials. At Best of Scotland Holidays, our clients can simply let us know their preferred accommodation and if that is an eco-friendly boutique hotel, we will try our very best to accommodate that.

Visit a sustainable destination

Don’t forget to think about the destination itself; What is it doing to help the environment? Does it have sustainable tourism initiatives? Choose a destination is committed to protecting its natural assets. Scotland is becoming a more sustainable destination year upon year and the country’s tourism sector is playing a big role in this. Take a look at the Glasgow to Fort William bus link as an example. This is one of the low-cost and eco-friendly excursions providing access to outdoor activities and unique places to stay in the three-hour scheduled bus journey to Fort William, directly from Glasgow, Scotland’s primary entry point for both domestic and international visitors.

Support local enterprises

Supporting a local enterprise is a great way to explore a destination while also helping to fund businesses which channel their profits into enhancing their local communities. Not only will you explore the destination, but you’ll also gain a unique insight into the life of the locals and the economic and environmental challenges their communities face. Re-union Canal Boats is an excellent local enterprise. Based in Edinburgh and run by volunteers, Re-union Canal Boats aims to support the regeneration of this historic waterway.

Clean up after yourself

Finally, clean up after yourself! Unfortunately, not every tourist remembers to leave no trace behind. Even in the most remote areas of Scotland there will be bags of rubbish dumped at roadsides, bothies and beaches. If you are visiting Scotland, you can read the Scottish Outdoor Access Code to find out respectfully and safely visit the natural outdoor spaces of Scotland.

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