Spooky Scotland

Scotland is a land of dark history, with some spooky and dark stories from times past. It’s a place where mystical landscapes and abandoned castles have been left to ruin. With over 20 haunted castles, palaces and historic houses across Scotland you can enjoy spine-chilling tales of witchcraft and the supernatural, ghosts and ghouls, torture and murder most foul.

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April - October

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    Day 1

    Arrive into Glasgow Airport. Private transfer to hotel. Join the Glasgow Necropolis Dark History Tour. Lasts 1.5 hours and is a walking tour where you learn about Glasgow’s secrets, unsolved true crime murders, grave robbing and Glasgow’s foundations as a city built on the back of slavery. Overnight Glasgow.

    Day 2

    Collect rental car and visit Stirling Castle. A few paranormal sightings have been reported here, including the ghost of the Green Lady who is thought to be a servant of Mary Queen of Scots and the ghost of a Highlander dressed in full Highlander attire. Several tourists have reported asking him questions, believing he is a tour guide, only to see him diminish and disappear into thin air! Afterwards visit Bannockburn House for the Haunted House Tour. It is said spirits still roam the dark halls and eerily quiet rooms, oblivious to the passing of time. This night time tour is so active it is fast becoming known as the most haunted in central Scotland. There is even a warning on the website to say that this site has a reputation of being an active paranormal location, therefore this tour is not for the faint-hearted! Overnight Glasgow.

    Day 3

    Travel north to Glencoe. During the winter of 1692, one of the bloodiest incidents in Scottish history took place at Glencoe when a troop of soldiers massacred the MacDonald clan as they lay sleeping in their beds. Visitors now claim to have seen re-enactments of the massacre or have heard screams in the glen around the time of its anniversary. Perhaps this is why the area was named Glencoe, meaning ‘Valley of Weeping’ in Gaelic. Continue north to Inverness. Spot haunted landmarks around the city such as Inverness Castle where Shakespeare’s Macbeth is said to have murdered King Duncan in the first Inverness Castle. The ghost of King Duncan is to be seen walking along the riverside the beneath the castle hill or Eden Court Theatre where two ghosts have been seen. Since the late nineteenth century, when she committed suicide, the ghost of the bishop’s wife has visited the palace. For some reason her last sighting was in 1980. The other ghost is that of a small child, a little girl who can be seen in the gardens. One more ghost inhabits the scene.  It’s invisible, but it makes its presence felt. An usher reports being yanked backwards by an unseen hand on his shirt collar when he was entirely alone! Overnight Inverness.

    Day 4

    Visit Drum Castle. This is a hotspot of supernatural activities so much so that in 2014 one of their resident ghosts was even captured on camera! Many people have report seeing the ghost of Alexander Irvine who died at just six years old. His haunting laughter is often heard echoing throughout the castle and it is reckoned that he returns there to play with his siblings. Afterwards visit to Fyvie Castle which is often ranked amongst the most haunted castles in Britain and even appeared on the TV series ‘Most Haunted’. Three ghosts are said to haunt these halls – The Green Lady, The Grey Lady and a ghostly trumpeter. If that wasn’t enough the castle is cursed never to have a male heir live to maturity thanks to three ‘weeping stones’. Three stones and three ghosts – what a strange coincidence. Overnight Aberdeen (Norwood Hall is said to be haunted by James Ogston he is one of three ghosts alongside his wife and his mistress . James is frequently spotted in the dining room by the log fire and his mistress is found in the main stairs. However, it is his wife who seems to be the most agitated. Some suspect that she is searching for her husband and his lover waiting to take her revenge)

    Day 5

    Ghost & Ghoul walking tour of Aberdeen’s Old Town. Hear ghostly tales and potentially spot the shadowy suffragette who wanders across the High Street, the mysterious Gerrard sisters of the Chanonry, the desperate Hermit of Powis and his hidden sorrow. Visit to Ma Cameron’s Pub which is the oldest pub in Aberdeen (300 years old) and is supposedly very haunted. Overnight Aberdeen.

    Day 6

    Visit Dunnottar Castle. Many visitors report having seen a young woman in a green plaid dress in the Bakery looking for her lost children before vanishing in a doorway by the Brewery. Other sightings include a young deer hound and a tall man dressed in military regalia staring out to sea. Some have even heard sounds of a meeting taking place in Benholm’s Lodges, but no one is there! Continue to Edinburgh and stop off in St Andrews to join the Ghost Tour Walk. Voted one of the best ghost walk tours in the world. Tour begins at the Doll’s House Restaurant/Holy Trinity Church followed by St Mary’s College, Medieval History Dept, Queen Mary’s House, Pends, Cathedral Precincts, Haunted Tower, Archbishop’s Palace, Castlecliffe, Principal’s House, St Salvator’s College, Market Street and finishes beside the Central Bar. Arrive into Edinburgh and return rental car. Overnight Edinburgh.

    Day 7

    Visit to Edinburgh Castle which is thought to be one of the most haunted castles in the world. People report witnessing apparitions, feeling unwelcome presences, seeing shadowy figures, being touched by non-human forces and experiencing sudden temperature changes in and around the castle. Afterwards visit the Edinburgh Dungeons which is the ultimate underground journey through Edinburgh’s darkest history, using live actors and theatrical sets. Overnight Edinburgh.

    Day 8

    Time at leisure to explore the Royal Mile and The West Bow which is located between Victoria Street and the Grassmarket and was once the site of one of Edinburgh’s most feared houses, home to Major Thomas Weir – the so-called Wizard of West Bow. The upstanding Weir was executed in 1670 after being found guilty of various offences. Weir’s house lay empty after his death but locals swore the windows were lit up at night, with unexplained shadows flashing past and strange music playing inside. Apparently, a ghostly coach pulled by six fiery horses was also spotted outside the abandoned building from time to time. Though the house was thought to have been demolished in 1878, it was recently discovered that some parts of the structure still remain intact as part of a Quaker meeting house on Victoria Terrace. For this reason, future hauntings in the West Bow can’t be ruled out. Join the Mercat Doomed, Dead and Buried Tour. Explore the dim closes and wynds of Old Town Edinburgh after dark has descended on the city and learn of the unsavoury characters who used to occupy these streets. Experience the eerie and frightening atmosphere of the haunted Blair Street Underground Vaults and then from here it’s on to the spooky Canongate graveyard which is the resting place of Edinburgh’s most famous figures, many of whom met a tragic and gruesome end. Overnight Edinburgh.

    Day 9

    private transfer to Edinburgh Airport.

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