USA in the UK

Spending Presidents’ Day Weekend (and maybe a few extra days on either end) in the United Kingdom might seem a bit ironic, but if you’re using your holiday time wisely it can be a perfect time to get away. Equally you can embrace American history from here in the UK. You can even honor the US presidents in spots all around England!

Believe it or not, there’s many statues and memorials of United States Presidents dotted around the UK. So if you’re abroad for an American holiday and want a bit of a connection to home, consider visiting a few of these sites:

Churchill and Roosevelt Bench in Mayfair, London:

Commemorating 50 years of peace since the Second World War, it was unveiled by Princess Margaret in 1995. The bench, which features the men at either end, posed as though in discussion, was removed briefly  in 2017 due to roadworks in the area, but it is back now. It’s a great photo opportunity for those that recognise the two historical figures, or a chance to talk about their significance to those who may be too young to know.

Roosevelt Memorial, Westminster Abbey:

A stone tablet to United States President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was unveiled at Westminster Abbey on 12th November 1948. If exploring Westminster Abbey is already on your list (and it should be), then be sure to stop by this plaque during your visit.

Abraham Lincoln Statues by Houses of Parliament:

The Parliament Square statue was intended for erection in 1914 to celebrate the centenary of the end of the ‘War of 1812’ – the last time, to date, that the US and Britain were at war. The unveiling was delayed, for obvious reasons, and was eventually carried out after the war. This statue is a replica of the one in Lincoln Park, Chicago and is one of several re-castings of the original.

George Washington Ancestors home, Sulgrave Manor:

Sulgrave Manor was constructed in 1540 by Lawrence Washington, the five times great-grandfather of George Washington. It remained in the ownership of the Washington family for only two generations, and was sold out of the family in 1659.

When it come on the market in 1914, money was raised by a Peace Centenary Committee on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean to purchase the Manor and ever since, the house has stood to symbolise peace between the two countries.

Formerly Grosvenor Square: Eisenhower Statue, Roosevelt Statue & Ronald Reagan Statue:

Three presidents had statues in the Grosvenor Square area which also used to house the US Embassy (it’s now moved to an area called Nine Elms). As the embassy has moved, many of these statues have been removed from the square and placed in storage for the time being. However, it is worth keeping an eye out for where they might be displayed next!

The Eisenhower statue showed him in uniform in his most important role from a British point of view–when he served as Supreme Commander of the Allied forces in Europe during WWII.

The Roosevelt statue was a rare representation of him standing, rather than sitting and Reagan’s statue was to honour his close working relationship with Margaret Thatcher during the cold war era.

So if you’re planning the perfect during President’s Day Weekend or you’re simply looking for some American heritage in the UK, get in touch and we’ll help with planning your perfect holiday. Every package is bespoke and can include as much or as little as you’d like from this list!

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