Happy 20th Anniversary, Lesley!

On 1st August 2023, our wonderful colleague Lesley celebrated 20 years working at BOSH! Lesley has been an excellent colleague, taking on various roles from admin to writing bespoke sightseeing itineraries to preparing customised quotes for our customers, and we are sure her knowledge and expertise have ensured our clients have had fantastic holidays in Scotland and the UK over the years. On behalf of the staff at BOSH and our clients, we want to thank Lesley for her service, and we hope we’ve made your 20th-anniversary a special one.

What made you apply for the job originally or what appealed to you about it?   I had been working in the golf and hospitality industries for a number of years and really enjoyed meeting visitors from overseas.   I had toyed with the idea of working for the local tourist board to encourage more people to visit our wee corner of Scotland but at that time they could only offer part time hours.   The job at best of Scotland Holidays was advertised in the local paper and it was my mum who spotted it, I had never applied for an advertised vacancy before having just sent my CV to businesses on spec in the past.   I remember my interview with Marie and Duncan in Duncan’s office, the rest is history 😊

Can you tell us about any highlights from the last 20 years?   I was asked to plan a holiday for an author from the USA, the agent only referred to him by his surname, my favourite author at the time had the same surname so I did all I could to find out the first name… Yes, it was indeed Steve Berry.  The character in his novels, Cotton Malone, is known to cause havoc at World Heritage Sites so I included Edinburgh, the Forth Bridge and New Lanark in the tour.  I gave the driver one of his books, George very kindly got it signed for me!    I also planned a graduation trip for a family from the USA, their youngest daughter had finished high school and had chosen Scotland as her special holiday destination.   We even met up for a meal during their tour and we remain in touch now, many years later, their youngest daughter is now in her early 30’s and has a young daughter of her own.  Oh, and I’m sure Jacqui and I’s forthcoming day trip on the Jacobite Steam Train (aka the Harry Potter train) will be a highlight of my 20th year here!!

Any funny or quirky stories?   There was the customer who had us mail clothing he left behind in an hotel wardrobe in Inverness to his home address in the USA, whilst he was still touring Scotland.   This was duly done that day BUT he contacted us later that day in a panic, his passport was in the inside pocket of the jacket now in the mail!!  This happened to be over the dates of a Presidential visit to the UK by Donald Trump so the Consulate General in Edinburgh wasn’t available to assist, the couple had to extend their stay by a few days in London until they could make arrangements for a replacement passport.  Moral, always know where your passport is when you are travelling 😃

Anything else you might think relevant?!     It’s not just work it’s more like family, I have had support through a lot of ups and downs over these 20 years, all very much appreciated, even accepting the need for my emotional support cuddles on my desk 😃

Lesley and our Operations Director Jacqui also went on a wee road trip to celebrate this milestone, you can see what they got up to here!

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